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The wordpress plugin is available at: . It is developed by pp-Code team and is currently offered at no-cost.

Summary: Plugin is a comprehensive utility for admin to define all costs and fees on a per property basis. User benefits from knowing total out-of-pocket cost.

Description: Given the multitude of different fees and how they vary on per property basis, no existing calculator covers all to provide a total out-of-pocket cost to users (potential guests). The purpose of this plugin is to ensure rental cost transparency. The plugin allows admins (i.e. vacation rental owners or managers) to pre-define, per property basis, all required costs and fees with respective applicability. Their potential guests can easily calculate the total cost of their stay without having to know all different costs and fees. Person Place Code (pp-Code) team has 10+ years of expertise in hospitality and vacation rental industry. Service quality and cost transparency are two key elements to establish trust among online customer base.

After successful download and enablement of the plugin:

  • First step is to add your rental property such as vacation home or room type in your hotel. Click on “Add Property”

As you start typing the property address, possible matches will show up. You can write the exact complete address or simply keep it to the street name and city (most vacation home owners prefer not to disclose the complete address until the reservation is finalized).  

Next, fill in the regular rates for “Daily”, “Weekly” and “Monthly” stays. Weekly refers to a 7-night stay whereas Monthly refers to a 28-night stay. If a stay is of 20 days, it will use the Weekly rate to determine the cost. If a stay is of 40 days, it will then use the Monthly rate to determine the cost. For example:
Given Daily = $100, Weekly = $650 and Monthly = $2350. The cost (before taxes and fees) for:
          5-day stay = $500             ($100*5)
          20-day stay = $1857         ($650/7*20)
         40-day stay = $3357         ($2350/28*40)

Note: based on how you define your daily/weekly/monthly rates, a shorter stay may cost a longer stay. For example, with above rates, 26-day stay will cost more than 28-day stay ($2414 vs $2350).  

The calculator allows you define season rates (up to 3). Make sure that you define them in the increasing (calendar) order i.e. if Season 1 is from May-June 2016 then Season 2 can’t be Feb-Mar 2016 (it can be Feb-Mar 2017 though). And you may choose to not use a seasonal rate or define fewer than 3.
In the example below, we are defining two seasonal rates. Note that, for the 2nd season, there does not exist a Monthly rate. That means, a stay of 40-nights will be based on Weekly rate ($800/7*40). 

At this stage, you can now add taxes, fees and other cost elements. Where applicable, you can define them as percentage, per night or per stay. If a cost element does not apply e.g. if there is no charge for the WiFi, simply leave it blank. It’s that simple.
Interesting feature: The calculator allows you define the “Cleaning Fee” and it’s waiver for long stays (if waiver is not specified, then Cleaning Fee always applies). Many vacation homes require guests to pay for the cleaning unless their stay is long. This feature makes it very easy to incorporate – hope you find it useful. At this point, you can now “Save” it.

If you want to edit it, go to “Update Property” tab, select it from the drop-down menu of Property Address and perform the required edits and then click “Save”. 

User (guest) view shows the check-in and check-out for their stay in selected property. The calculator provides total-out-of-pocket cost to the guest.
Few things to note:

  • Since pool heat cost was defined (above) for the property, guest will have an option to “Include Pool Heat”. If checked, calculator includes the cost of the pool. If pool heat cost is not defined (or pool does not exist) for a property, then calculator will not even show (to guest) the option to “Include Pool Heat”.
  • Most vacation home owners require a refundable damage protection. Though it is not a part of the cost, it is still shown to the guest to keep nothing as a surprise. 

We hope that you find this plugin useful to your needs. As mentioned earlier, we encourage your feedback and suggestions.

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