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Guest/Visitor Check-In and Arrival Management Service

The Person Place Code (pp-Code) solution provides guest check-in and arrival management with security that protects your property from unauthorized access. It validates the identity of your guests before they can access your property. 


  • Service includes generating an authorization that can only be retrieved by the registered mobile device(s). In brief, you can secure and automate your arrivals.
  • In addition, if you have the pp-Code Watchman kit (requires WiFi) in your property, the system can precisely register guest's check-in time. The watchman kit can also alert you regarding:
    1. An unauthorized party being hosted
    2. The cooling/heating system being left running at high while property is not in-use
    3. A sudden increase in temperature (ex. due to a fire)


Helps you avoid a disaster and/or save on your energy bills.

Suitable for vacation rentals, home-for-sale, peer-to-peer rentals, remote sites, and short-term contractors/staff, etc. 

(Note: The Watchman kit can also be used as standalone product for your office/home/storage/remote site/etc. - the service subscription is not necessarily essential)

Solution is not only innovative, it is simple and very cost-effective to start and operate

One of our customers review on pp-Code service offering

If it matters to you?

Do you:

  • Offer vacation/peer-to-peer rentals?
  • Have visitors come to your remote site?
  • Partake in Home-sale-by-owner but can't always be at the showing?

Or simply need to let one in while not home ?

You would likely send the access info to your guests over email (or phone, if you are more prudent). It contains important information (access pins or the lock box code) and hence are prone to security breaches if mishandled, such as:

  • How do you know if it truly is your guest receiving the arrival information so that the access or lock box code is not in the wrong hands?
  • How do you know if guests checked-in earlier since arrival information is usually sent day(s) in advance?
  • How do you know if they shared the arrival info or home keys with others - plus there is no way to track the acknowledgement (of receiving it) and be responsible for its safe-keeping?

You do not have 24-hour on site staff and operate based on good citizenship trust. Many times, this trust is compromised and you do not know about the damages until it is too late. 

Subscription Details

Subscription is on a per-location basis. The subscription allows you to create authorizations for your guests/visitors. Your first subscription is free of cost (no credit card or payment info required) for two months. You can then choose a monthly or yearly option. Each option offers unlimited authorization:

  • Monthly subscription, $1.99 per location
  • Yearly subscription, $17.99 per location

You can, optionally, purchase the pp-Code Watchman per location for $35, including shipping and handling for US orders. This kit allows the system to precisely register guest check-in time as well as alert you when an unauthorized party is being hosted or cooling/heating system is left running at high while property is not in use (to help you save energy bills and/or accidental damage costs).

How to get started using free subscription

How to create an authorization (i.e. visit pass)

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