Save Money

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Multiple Uses

Save money preventing disasters, wasting energy or avoiding any kind of damage to your properties.


Multiple Uses

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Multiple Uses

For your primary home.

Sheds/barns/tech rooms.  

Vacation rentals/For Sale by Owners.

Remote sites/storage/shops/offices.  

Wine cellars.

Humidity controlled areas.


Keep-An-Eye Agent

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Your watchman kit acts as your "keep-an-eye agent" on your property. Suitable for your home, shops, tech rooms, remote locations, vacation rentals, home-sale-by-owners, sheds, barns, food/goods storage, freezer/cold rooms etc.

What your watchman can do

  • Email and SMS Alerts. Trigger alarms if temperature or humidity fall outside of specified parameters via email and SMS messages. 
  • Detect sudden temperature rise/drop due to possible fire/freeze/else.
  • Party-Detect (an innovative feature).
  • Unit can come with external temperature probe of 1M or 3M length ($5 additional for 3M). 
  • Offer API for direct access to unit to "GET" logs
  • We also offer a Watchman kit that includes monitoring (and alerting) of gas concentration levels.

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Price Information


Includes Watchman (cables and power supplies included). No gateway is required. It connects with your existing WiFi gateway. If you still require one (for plug-and-play setup or do not want to share WiFi credentials with Watchman), we can send it for an additional $20. 

Regular Price  ---------  starting from $32.95 (original is $45)

Comes with "included" features. Additional features require subscription ($1.99/mon or $17.99/year)  

Buyout Price  ---------  starting from $59.95 (original is $75)

Includes additional features - no monthly subscription is required 

Watchman Features

More Technical details

For information on APIs, Party-Detect Feature and WiFi compatibility details, please click below.

Satisfied or Reimbursed

We offer 30-day money back with 1-year product warranty for subscribed customers (90-days otherwise).

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