Save Money

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Multiple Uses

 Save money preventing disasters, wasting energy or avoiding any kind of damage to your properties. 


Multiple Uses

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Multiple Uses

 For your primary home.

Sheds/barns/tech rooms.  

Vacation rentals/For Sale by Owners.

Remote sites/storage/shops/offices.  

Wine cellars.

Humidity controlled areas.


Keep-An-Eye Agent

Keep-An-Eye Agent

Keep-An-Eye Agent

 Your watchman kit acts as your "keep-an-eye agent" on your property. Suitable for your home, shops, tech rooms, remote locations, vacation rentals, home-sale-by-owners, sheds, barns, food/goods storage, freezer/cold rooms etc. 

What your watchman can do

  • Email and SMS Alerts. Trigger alarms if temperature, humidity, water, gas levels* fall outside of specified parameters via email and SMS messages.
  • Detect sudden temperature rise/drop due to possible fire/freeze/else.
  • Party-Detect (an innovative feature).
  • Offer API for direct access to unit to "GET" logs
  • Also offer Watchman that does Indoor Positioning System (IPS) using WiFi 
  • Multiple variants of Watchman units per your needs such as: with external temperature probe (1M/3M length), with gas or water sensors, Indoor Positioning System (IPS) etc

[* see Watchman type for supported sensors] 

5 Star Rating (Product and Customer Service)

We are very focused on the quality of our product and on customer support. We do all possible to earn our customer's satisfaction. 

" The watchman has been a life saver for me as a landlord. No  more late nights driving though our rental properties trying to read  thermometers that we had hanging on every front window.  The watchman  unit checks frequently and consistently, and sends a text alert to my phone the instant the temperature drops below the threshold  (of my choosing)  ........ "  by Mannox (click here for full review)

"Based on your suggestion, I routed sensor cable through the freezer water drain into the freezer space - worked like a champ...." by Michael (click here for full review)

Made the " Top 10 WiFi Temperature Monitors

Please click below to check our additional reviews on our Amazon listing. 

Watchman: An innovation, simple and relevant

We focus on innovations that are simple and offer best-value to our clients. We develop and evolve our products based on our customer feedback and comments.   

Standard Watchman (shown in pictures on this page) offer temperature and humidity sensors. There are variants of Watchman such as: with ext Probe, with Gas, with Water, with IPS etc. Please refer to respective pages for details on these variants.  

All Watchman units operate on 2.4GHz WiFi and logs data to our (pp-Code) cloud portal. You can setup Watchman to connect to your WiFi (requires 2.4GHz) or optionally use a ($20) gateway for plug-and-play setup. Once OnNet, your Watchman will push stats to pp-Code portal to provide useful logs that you can access from anywhere. Your logs will include readings such as temperature, humidity, gas, water etc (based on type of Watchman). Most Watchman types also offer complimentary Estimated people-count (an algorithmic-estimate based on active devices on your network using our innovative Party-Detect feature). 

The pp-Code portal allows you to configure email and SMS alerts. Please note, free email alerts are sent to your login email. SMS alerts require subscription ($1.99/month or $17.99/year). Once subscribed, you also have access to additional features, such as power-loss detection, daily emails with logs snapshot, additional emails for alerts, longer logs history etc. The alerts will timely inform you for cases such as: cooling/heating system has stopped working, humidity level changes, sudden change in temperature (possibly due fire, freeze or else) or an unauthorized party is being hosted (i.e. alert when people count exceeds a defined threshold). 

Though, Watchman logs the stats every hour, the unit reads the environment stats every minute. In case of sudden change in temperature (+/-5F), it sends the log right-away to pp-Code portal (does not wait for the next hourly log cycle). 

In brief, your Watchman can potentially avoid a disaster and save on your energy bills. A 6-days log history (28-days with subscription) is retained on pp-Code portal for your review. The product comes with our excellent support and post-sale service. 

Price Information


 Includes Watchman (cables and power supplies included). No gateway is required. It connects with your existing WiFi gateway. If you still require one (for plug-and-play setup or do not want to share WiFi credentials with Watchman), we can send it for an additional $20. 

Regular Price  ---------  starting from $33.45 (original is $50)

Comes with "included" features. Additional features require subscription ($1.99/mon or $17.99/year) 

BuyOut Price  ---------  starting from $60.45 (original is $80)

Includes additional features - no monthly subscription is required 

Watchman Features

More Technical details

For information on APIs, Party-Detect Feature and WiFi compatibility details, please click below. 

Satisfied or Reimbursed

We offer 30-day money back with 1-year product warranty for subscribed customers (90-days otherwise).

We are a US-based growing team of seasoned and experienced engineers aiming to provide original and relevant solutions to our clients. We focus on innovations that are simple and offer best-value to our clients.

 We serve a wide range of customers, and every client experience is considered extremely valuable, and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the dedication of our ever strengthening customer focused relationship 

 We believe in developing and empowering the individuals and in leveraging the science for the benefit of humanity.

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