Temperature, Humidity and Water Leak Detection and buzzer


In addition to standard Watchman features (i.e. Temperature, Humidity and Party-Detection), it provides the Water leak detection along with a buzzer sound for alerting.   

Water leak is detected by value varying from 0-1024. The sensor reports readings from 0 to 50 for dry conditions whereas it read highers (usually 200+) the moment it detect any water or moisture droplets. 

Though the Watchman kit logs the stats every hour, the kit reads the data every minute. In case of moisture or water detection, it sends the log to pp-Code portal immediately (does not wait for the next hour). 


Works along with Standard features

It works along with Temperature, Humidity and Party-Detection readings as well as corresponding email / SMS alerts.

Waterlite version: Water Leak Detection and buzzer


If you are only looking for water leak detection, then Waterlite is low cost and right fit for your use case. 

It works the same way (as the unit above) with the exception that it does not have a temperature and humidity sensor. With this, there is not much value of an on-unit display, hence eliminated to further reduce the cost. 

Email alerts are offered at no cost. SMS alerts and other advanced features requires subscription (or BuyOut option), the same way as the unit above.

About Water detection

Water sensor sends a higher signal (+200) when water is detected. For dry conditions, the reads are 0-50 whereas it rises significantly (max is 1024) as sensor detects any water / droplets. 

  • If you are using it for a dry place, it is recommended that you configure Water leak alert at 200. This will allow you to receive alerts for any /  minor water leaks.
  • If you are using it to monitor water level / depth, then observe (for few hours) the senor read at level that you want to be alerted at. This will help you determine a proper alert configuration setting.