Android and iOS Apps are available

Please look for "Watchman Online" in the app store. The iOS app provides all features (as Android)  except the "Setup" feature. For Apple users. please follow the Setup instructions that came with the product (also described here).

Watchman Setup Instructions (Video)

The 2nd part of the setup requires Internet access. Please ensure that your device (tablet/phone) is connected (back) to your location's WiFi.

Watchman Setup Instructions (step-by-step)

For this kit to operate, it needs to be connected to WiFi (supports 2.4 GHz) at your location. If you are requesting this kit for a remote location and you do not have the means to have someone program it at the location, we can send you pre-configured kit (simply let us know your location's WiFi SSID and Password as you order the kit). This way, it arrives ready-to-go. Simply plug it in to an electric outlet and it will start functioning.

Otherwise, please follow the instructions (below) to connect you kit to WiFi. This step is only required once (SSID and password info is retained within the kit even after power resets) unless there is a change or you want to connect your kit to another location's WiFi.

Once connected to local WiFi, your kit will be ready for the use. 

Connecting to your WiFi (one-time setup)

USE MOBILE OR TABLET FOR INITIAL SETUP. PC might not let you connect with kit's SSID.

  1. Connect your kit to power.
  2. Within a few seconds, it will start broadcasting a SSID ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx.
  3. Connect your smartphone/tablet to the ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx  SSID using Network Settings (an example is shown to the right).


4. Go to your web browser and type in URL field and hit enter.

5. The page shown to the right will appear.


6. Provide your local (home or office) SSID and Password info in the above fields and click “Connect”. 

Wait for 10 seconds (do not press “Connect” again). If your device connects successfully with your local WiFi, the following message will show up. 

Your kit will restart automatically and will be ready to use in 2-4 minutes. 

[Supported special characters in SSID and password names are: ~ ! @ # $ ^ & * - _ + = ( ) : ; \" ' ? . "space"]


You may see a page saying "site can't be reached - took too long to respond" as shown. 

Wait for a few seconds, this page will auto-refresh and proceed. 

If it does not auto-refresh, then check to see if you are still connected to ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx SSID (if not, connect to it) and click "Reload".


7. Otherwise, it will return an Error (as shown below). 

Now try again with the correct SSID and password info and click "Connect."


8. The SSID ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx is always broadcasted for the first 5 minutes after the kit is powered ON. Once you have programmed your kit with your local WiFi credentials, they are stored in the kit and the kit automatically connects with your WiFi after powered ON. On successful connection with your local WiFi, it stops broadcast of ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx, but after 5 min of power ON. 

If you want to change the WiFi credentials or the Party-Detect setting, power OFF and then ON the kit. 

The kit will start broadcasting ppC_nointernet_xxxxxx, connect to it, and go to URL 

You can now change the settings. 

(Note: If the kit is not online, it will continue broadcasting the SSID ppc_nointernet_xxxxxx even after 5 minutes).

Set up with PP-Code portal (for logs and alerts)

Click Register (or "Register button on top of the page). 

Once registered, an activation email is sent to your email (for validation). 

Please click on the activation link before your first login (it may be in your spam/junk folder).

After successful login, you will be on the "Admin Info" page. 

You will see the Admin page (with your name and contact info). 

Click on "Activate Watchman Kit" button. 


Select "Add New Location" option, and the following page will show up.


Fill in the required information including the product ID and press "Verify" to validate. 

Once verified, the "Activate Now" button will show up. 

Click on it and you are done.


You will be taken to the "Locations" tab where you will see that your Watchman has been "Activated". 

Click on it, it will take you to the logs page. 

Please note that first log is sent by our system for functional verification. 

Your logs will show up on hourly basis (as long as you Watchman is ON and online). 

From the same logs page, you can also go to alert configuration page (from top right corner). 

You are all set now. 

For any questions and feedback, please contact us at:


Watchman Online App

Watchman Online Google App

We have created a simpler and faster method to set up your Watchman device. Please look for "Watchman Online" app on Google Store.  

Setting Up Your Device

  1. Ensure that your device is plugged in and on. The screen on the device will read "Initializing your Watchman."
  2. After downloading the app, hit the setup link in the bottom left corner.
  3. The app will automatically search for your device and the device will appear under a ppC name, such as "ppC_noInternet_0f8f8a."
  4. After selecting the name of your Watchman device, the screen will depict a message that the app is successfully connected with the device.
  5. The next page will ask for the WiFi for the device to connect to. Connect to your desired WiFi network.
  6. The next pop up will read that you are successfully connected to your local WiFi. The Watchman device will now auto-restart.


Complete the Registration form to create an account for yourself.


Logging In and Activating Your Device

  1. After registering, go to the home page of the app and use the credentials you just created to log into your account.
  2. In the bottom left corner, there will be a link to Activate Your Device. Once you open that link, use your login details to log in again.
  3. There will be a link on the home page of the pp-Code portal to Activate your Watchman kit. Click that link.
  4. The next page that will appear will be the page to select a location. For most new users, you will be adding a new location.
  5. Insert your details about your City Name to determine Time Zone and label your Watchman. Enter your product ID which is on the back of your Watchman device.
  6. Verify the information and then you are all set. You may go back to the application.
  7. You may now view logs from your device straight through the app.